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As a independent agent my clients may be families, business’s, parents & individuals. I’ve been sitting down with clients such as these discussing financial needs since my own girls were young back in 2005. I walk into my appointments prepared, confident and at ease with the topics I need to discuss which makes my clients feel at ease right away too. My questions are generally provocative and target subjects nobody wants to think about because those things only happen to other people. I start my FNA with this simple question: “what is your plan when life happens? If you were diagnosed with cancer, or had a bad accident tomorrow, would this be a problem and if so how? “Plan, what do mean, my plan, I don’t have one. “​ This stimulates thoughts in the right direction because when people realize how large and important the need is they usually act on it right away.

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I often tell them about my own accident 10 years ago that left me unable to work for a couple years and since I was in between jobs I had no disability insurance, health plan, or group benefits like; prescription coverage, dental or physio. I drained all of my RRSP’s to pay the bills and none of the 3 cosmetic surgeries I wanted were covered. People can relate to what others have gone through which helps for them to realize what is at stake financially which can be  totally devastating.

I say to them; if this happened to you, would a cheque for $500,000 help along with a monthly disability income, or would you rather manage with nothing.  Perhaps move home with your family, live on credit, lose your car and maybe your home as this is what happens to people and it happens very quickly.  That is why I do this work and after I recovered I went looking for my own disability policy which led me to walk into a Investors Group office and the rest is history.

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What Our Clients Say…

My Life Insurance approved…

Thank you for getting my Life Insurance approved when no one else could.

Dr. P Squire MD

You’re the real deal…

Robyn, it’s obvious you’re the real deal and not only are you a closer, your clients clearly love you. So good to see.

Mr. Terry Schorn

VP Sales CF Canada Financial

I’m super happy!

Thank you for taking care of my RRSP, our insurance and group benefits for 10 years.  Just thank you Robyn
I’m super happy with First Plan Financial!

Nick Dash

The Medicine Shoppe, Owner

Robyn really knows her stuff…

I’ve worked with Robyn on the product side for many years.  Robyn really knows her stuff. She is well organized and professional with clients and their investments.

Ryan Nazeman

VP Sales, McKenzie Investments

I just got my $200,000 critical illness insurance…

Thank you so much Robyn.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer last month and I just got my $200,000 critical illness insurance.

KT Paul

I’ve made more money on my RRSP…

I’ve made more money on my RRSP after you moved it in just one year, than 20 years at the bank. Thanks.

Cindy G

Mom & 30 year school board employee.

I’ve given you 24 referrals to my friends…

Thank you for explaining all the different options for Life Insurance with such ease.  That is why I’ve given you 24 referrals to my friends, family and colleagues.

T & C Thangaraju

Coast Mountain Bus Driver